Vitamin D and the landscape for the ideal study design to measure cancer preventive effects

With growing global prosperity, it seems paradoxical that many people worldwide should have a vitamin deficiency. And yet, vitamin D deficiency is a growing public health problem in many countries. Suboptimal vitamin D levels, defined as below 50nmol/L, have been found in as many as 60% of people in European countries [1] and 42% in […]

Reproductive factors may influence women’s long-term health

In a new study published today in BMC Medicine we examined how reproductive factors influenced the risk of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in >300,000 European women that participated in the EPIC study.

A woman’s reproductive characteristics are not always thought of in terms of how they may influence her long-term health but in our […]

EPIC publication highlights

EPIC colleagues have been hard at work again! Here is a collection of manuscripts that have been published in the last couple of months.


Common gene variants

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) is one of the most important journals in cancer research, and the material it publishes are a useful indicator of the direction of cancer research in general. The May issue of JNCI provides an illuminating insight into how large population based genetic studies are helping the way […]

EPIC publication highlights

EPIC researchers (see the About us section) are very active publishers. Below is a summary of some of the recent publications that have come from collaborators of EPIC data in April/May 2015. You can access the paper on by clicking the title of the manuscript.

Circulating prolactin and in situ breast cancer risk in […]